Technology Overview

Energy monitoring and advanced metering technologies are helping transform the way customers use energy. By delivering products that integrate into facilities and information systems, EtherMetrics is helping customers and their service providers achieve more effective data acquisition and energy management.

The DataCube® is an energy monitoring, analysis and control platform. The DataCube® is not a meter itself, but rather reads the ‘pulse’ of any meter and stores the data locally. The DataCube® provides a feature-rich toolkit capable of capturing, analyzing and reporting meter data using standard IP communications protocols and file formats. The system also has control capabilities for managing loads, providing facility operators with energy management features of a building automation system at a fraction of the cost.

The DataCube® features an integrated single channel pulse input for connecting to utility meters. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) eliminates batteries and leverages existing facility Ethernet for hardwired reliability. Data is stored locally on a 2GB memory card holding over 20 years of interval data. Power users will enjoy using, a free web service useful for managing hundreds of devices in broad deployments. Beyond monitoring, each DataCube® has on-board analysis, communications and control capabilities. Secure networking using only outbound connections makes the DataCube® firewall friendly and eliminates IT headaches related to remote monitoring applications.

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Software Overview

Each DataCube® contains its own on-board software accessible using any web browser, so no additional software or server infrastructure is required. The system can report interval meter data to our central data repository,, or to any other information system using standard IP communications and file formats (FTP, SFTP, XML, CSV, etc.). The system has analysis software that allows users to visualize energy consumption and rapidly identify problem areas for further investigation. The data is presented so that it intuitively makes sense (adjusts for weekends, provides historical comparisons, color coding, etc.), and can be explored to the most granular level with just the click of the mouse.

Advanced control capabilities allow for remote control of the DataCube's control port, so loads can be controlled on-demand or on a schedule. Speaking BAS/SCADA protocols, the device can also act as a control point on an automation system. Control features are useful for applications such as load limiting and demand response.

U.S. EPA Automated Benchmarking

Using the DataCube®, a user can configure automated submission of meter data to the U.S. EPA's Portfolio Manager software. This can result in a facility earning an ENERGY STAR rating for their facility, a prestigious award that provides recognition to an organization's efforts to implement effective energy efficiency and CO2 reduction strategies.

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Who We Help
  • Facility Managers
  • ESCOs
  • Demand Response Providers
  • Utilities/Municipalities
  • Energy Auditors / M&V Firms
  • Government



  • On-board analysis and visualization software
  • Statistics reporting
  • Secure plug and play networking
  • Controllable output port
  • ModbusTCP/BACNET IP communications
  • Compliance with EPAct 2005/EISA 2007
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Automated Benchmarking via EPA Energy Star
  • Flexible communications and file formats
  • Multi-user access control
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